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Alien Death Prop


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  1. If it were any better I'd be adopted.

    Posted by Andrew on Apr 27 2015

    Bought this for a haunted house. When i received it I was quite surprised by the quality. The latex was well painted, and there was even some shiny looking goopity gop around the mouth/eyes to make it look like the alien had died recently and had some post-mortem secretions. I took it to my parents house to build a housing to keep the alien in. It was there I discovered my mothers distaste for the Alien, who we named Gary. I left Gary on the floor of the family office to sunbathe, he looked a bit pale. The 4.5 foot alien proved just the right size to freak my mother out. She was not fond of Gary. The phrase 'creepy fucker' was used. Well I had spent my hard earned money on Gary, and neither I, or my new alien friend were going to stand for such name calling. So while we were having a family dinner, I excused myself to the bathroom. Instead of going to the bathroom, I crept through the house to the office where Gary was napping, gathered up my sleeping comrade, and gently placed him on the floor of my parents bedroom. Right next to the side of the bed my mother happens to sleep on. I snuck back through the house to the dining room where no one was the wiser. After dinner, my mother went to bed early, as she tends to do. I quickly whispered to my brother and father what I'd done as my mother walked to her room. Their eyes lit with glee and we stood in the kitchen silent with rapt anticipation. The Earth shattering wail of a scream my mother let out when she turned the corner and saw my silent friend on the floor is a sound that I will never forget till my dying day. Had their been a gang of baboons copulating and playing the banjo in the place of Gary, my mother would still not have been any more shocked. The neighbors called the police at the noise, my mother threatened violence on me, my innocent sibling and father, and said if she saw Gary again, she'd shoot him. I dared not test whether that was an empty threat. Quite certain if Gary was any more realistic that she would have disowned me and that I'd be writing this review from an orphanage. 10/10 Will buy again. Only thing I dislike is the branding/labeling near the back part of his abdomen, but it's minor.

$55.00 (Fixed shipping cost)