Poor jack here has been flayed from head to toe, all 5'9" of him. Muscular lifecast body, high detail. Front skin only. Made in high-strength, high-detail, high-flexibility Dura rubber with a polyfoam backing.
This Green Martian just landed and he's looking for a home. Aprox 48 inches tall! Latex and foam filled flat backed prop with poseable metal armature. Hand painted here at Distortions Unlimited. Sit him in a chair, stand him against a wall, lay him down,...
Alien Autopsy is a realistic prop made of Latex and foam. The prop is two peices that fit together. It is flat backed and designed to lay on a table. Perfect for your Alien, UFO, or Roswell theme.
Scare bear is a frightronic prop. All electric rocks back and forth. Comes with audio track. CHAIR NOT INCLUDED
Dandy Andy is a scary haunted doll frightronic prop. Its Alive! All electric, rocks back and forth and comes with audio track. 24 inches tall.
Grave Danger is a Grave Buster Zombie prop that moves up and down. All electric animatronic zombie made of latex and foam. Come with audio track. Clothing and costume may vary.
MORTAL REMAINS is a frightronic moving skeleton Halloween display by Distortions Unlimited. All electric comes with audio track.
Rancid is a creepy girl Frightronic Halloween prop. All electric prop rocks back and forth and come with audio track. Costume may vary.
Wicked Frightronic All electric witch frightronic rocks back and forth. Come with audio track.
Death is a decomposing corpse Halloween prop made of latex and foam. It is flatbacked and aprox. 63 inches long. It ships folded in half. *Does NOT include coffin!
The Grim Greeter is a 67 inch tall latex and foam prop. Two pieces, top and bottom fit together. Hand painted.
Luttra skinned head in gory detail and meaty glory hanging upside down with chain attached to stump with gore surrounding chain. Product dimensions: 10" x 8" x 6".
Looks just like an old time TV. When activated, screen flashes and corresponding sounds set an eerie scene. Measures 9 inches x 12 inches x 4.5 inches. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Sound activated.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width...
Headless Henry is a stunning hand made costume. Poor beheaded Henry carries his head around roaming here and there. The costume includes the Beheaded Head Prop that the actor is carrying around.
Headless Horseman static display prop. Flickering light makes the Jack o Lantern glow and flicker.
"Helga Beheaded" cut off head illusion prop. Your hand goes in the back of the head and your hand can open and close her mouth. Latex, foam, and hand painted.
  This is what is left after a zombie attack! Leftovers is a bloody, gory prop made of latex and foam. Flat backed. 36 inches long. Clothing and costume may vary
Fun photo op prop where an actor or guest can put their head through the curtain and their friends can take pictures of them with a hanging, gory torso. Includes foam prop torso with intestines. Reinforced internal armature.
Oi! Oi! Gore! Enjoy this punk clown version of our Martin head on a steel spike with foam rubber tip..
This antique style phone plays a realistic ring when activated by motion. When your unsuspecting guest lifts the receiver, it speaks terrifying phrases that will give them the shivers. 3 AA batteries are included. For indoor use only. W-9.45" D-5.51" H-6...
Create super realistic spider webs with this Webcaster Gun! Easy to use! Just connect to any air compressor (not included) and insert the Webcaster Sticks (6 included). In minutes you'll have an amazing scene! 4 CFM at 90 PSI air compressor recommended...
He see you! The Watcher is prop display by Distortions that comes with a flickering lantern. Aprox. 68 inches tall.
The Winged Dragon is an impressive dragon animatronic and display. It includes moving wings, head and neck, and opening mouth. Lights simulate fire in the mouth and the eyes glow red. Included fog and digital sound and control. It is approx 8 ft tall to...