Alien Foam Filled SUPER SALE

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Alien Prop

Our high quality life-sized Alien Prop is 4 1/2 feet tall and is hand painted with a realistic look. These alien props are made of latex and foam filled to allow them to be repositioned to pose in various scenes. Create a creepy sci-fi scene or use our alien as a Halloween prop to decorate your home, yard, or for a party. Although these aliens are out of this world many people enjoy posing with them in photos here on Earth and love creating funny scenes at home, in businesses, parties, in the car, at the beach and even dress them up! 

Our Alien Prop is flat backed and designed to lay on a table, floor, or alien exam table for an autopsy scene. In addition, they can be hung or mounted using the wooden armature in the back of the head. This wooden armature allows for mounting on a wall, or for mounting it to stand. It can also be sat in a chair and posed! This lifesized alien doll is one of  the most popular props! 

4.5 Foot Life-Sized Latex Alien Prop

* Approximately 4.5 feet long life-sized alien prop

* Made of Latex and Foam Filled

* Flat Back so that it can lay flat or be mounted. Back of the Alien Prop is      unpainted foam.

* Foam filling allows arms and legs to be folded and bent. 

* Expertly sculpted alien doll prop is crafted at Distortions Unlimited in the USA

* Dark eyes are coated to give them a glossy look

* Made of high quality, durable materials this alien prop can be used indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind however that over time sunlight and water can damage and degrade the latex and paint.

* It DOES NOT include the stand which appears in one of the photos.

* The legs may be folded for shipping. Or lays nicely on any surface for a realistic look. 


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