Your child can be the most famous Alien ever filmed. 3/4 vinyl mask with mouth agape and ready to attack.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 6.00Width : 6.00Height : 6.00
Look just like an Alien Host with this Alien Face Hugger Mask. Long tail gives it a realistic look.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
Latex mask with mouth open and inner jaw poised to strike.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
Straight from the movie. Full size collector mask.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 38.00Width : 17.00Height : 9.00
The combination of Alien and Predator! Full over the head Hybrid latex mask with separate dreadlocks attached. Individually hand painted for a true collectors, movie look.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 20.00Width : 19.00Height : 4.00
3/4 vinyl mask with helmet look. Individually hand painted.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
Full over the head helmeted latex mask of your favorite alien hunter with separate dreadlocks. Individually hand painted for the most realistic movie look possible.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 9.00Height : 9.00
All vinyl, 3/4, one piece child mask with helmet in place to give that famous hunter, movie look.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
The Warrior Hunter from another world! This unique latex mask offers some separate dreadlocks, deluxe paint job and closed mouth mandible so the included plastic Predator Helmet can fit into place.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 17.00Width : 15...
Latex hands designed to complete the Alien-Predator Hybrid look. Simply add our Hybrid mask.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 11.00Height : 4.00