All Electric Gargoyle Animatronic

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Very impressive Animated Gargoyle ... ALL ELECTRIC, no compressor needed!!  Perfect for rentals, parties, store displays and haunted attractions.  This Gargoyle is over 7 ft. tall from the bottom of his pillar to the top of his wing tips, but is self contained and easy to move. When the wings are fully up it stands 8 ft 2 inches. Wings move up and down, programmed with the soundtrack.  Includes controls, sound and lit eyes.  Does NOT come with fog machine, but the Gargoyle has a fog tube embedded in him so that a fog machine can easily be set in place at his base, allowing the fog to travel up through the hose and out of his mouth). Foam and latex with metal armature and plate.  Requires only 110V electricity.

Electric Gargoyle 
 - base is 36" x 30"
 - the wings are approx. 2 ft off the ground when folded
 - overall wingspan - approx. 9 ft

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