Antari Z-350 - Water Based Hazer With Air Pump Technology And Self Cleaning Cycle

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the z-350 from antari is a water-based effect that produces a light hazy-smoke that is perfect for creating a thin atmosphere in any room. Built-in air pump: the air pump can make z-350 produce dry haze and give heater self cleaning function. • on board dmx: when users connect z-350 to a dmx console, there is a special setting as follows:- when dmx console is switched off, z-350 will start to run self cleaning process automatically and turn off. - when dmx console is switched on, z-350 will tu light weight (8.8kg) and compact size (length: 320mm width: 153mm height: 391mm) wide fluid channel: 4.4mm diameter of fluid channel can reduce the percentage of clogging problem. Etl pending

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