Plush antler headband with ribbon ties will be a festive addition to any Christmas costume or a fun idea all by themselves! One size fits all.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00
Have you been naughty or nice? Three lumps of imitation coal with a drawstring pouch on a blister card.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 10.10Width : 6.00Height : 6.00Ask a Question
Fine quality, large size vinyl belt. Easy, slip thru loop style buckle. Approximately 59 inches long.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 7.10Width : 4.10Height : 3.10Ask a Question
Tinsel style Cristmas tree hat with light up star on top. What a festive look. Requires two AA batteries, not included. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 23.10Width : 13.10Height : 6.00Ask a Question
Great for Christmas and even Thanksgiving, this festive turkey-shaped headwear with Christmas lights draped over it and little Santa hats on the drumsticks will make you the topic of conversation at any holiday party. Requires 3 AA batteries not included...
These versatile elf ears can be used all year in various situations but they will be especially useful around Christmas time when the ones who these ears really belong to are busy making toys! Felt ears with plastic headband to hold them on the head. One...
Festive green and red striped hat with felt elf ears attached to the sides. Perfect for a gag or if you really need to look like an elf. Felt hat. One size fits most.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00
Great for any Christmas event, these traditional-look plush reindeer antlers will put you and anyone who sees you in the perfect Christmas mood. Plush/Plastic. One size fits most. Includes snap-on headband.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width :...
Lightweight, cotton-polyester padded undergarment, slips over the head and ties in the back. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 25.00Width : 18.10Height : 7.10Ask a Question
4 inch wide belt with oversize metal buckle. 50 inches long.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 13.00Width : 7.00Height : 7.00Ask a Question
Top quality naugahyde with plush trim. One size fits all.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00Ask a Question
Deluxe Santa boot top with fur trim. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 12.10Height : 3.00Ask a Question
Deluxe vinyl Santa Boot Tops trimmed with faux rabbit fur. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 20.00Width : 13.10Height : 4.00Ask a Question
A sassy hairclip which looks like a tiny version of a Santa's hat. White fluff around bottom of clip is topped with red cone-shaped top and tiny holly and tinsel decorations! Felt item with metal clip. One size fits most.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length...
Traditional looking Santa hat, perfect for Santas or anyone just needing festive headwear for their office party or home event. White plush around bottom of hat, red velvet body and white plush ball at the top. Velvet/plush,. One size fits most.Box...
The perfect accessory for your Santa's Helper costume. Festive red and green motif. Felt material with plastic snap-on headband. One size fits most.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00
Poly-cotton padded belly undergarment. Perfect for Santas who need a few extra pounds. Tie closure in back for one-size-fits-most comfort.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 26.00Width : 19.10Height : 6.10Ask a Question
Perfect mascot for Christmas parade or any event where Santa Claus is needed! Mesh area in hat gives wearer plenty of visibility, and the design of face makes character easy for children to love! Includes oversized hat with see-through eye mesh,...
This beautiful velvet bag measures 30 inches by 36 inches with gold embroidered lettering, gold colored drawstring, detailed with two bells and 12 inch shoulder strap. Toys not included.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 11.00Height : 1...
High quality red velour Santa Bag, 30 inches x 36 inches, with white rope drawstring top.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 1.00Ask a Question
Velvet Santa bag with bells and drawstring top. Approx. 31 inches x 35 inches.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00Ask a Question
22 inch by 30 inch red flannel toy bag with drawstring top. A picture of Santa Claus and the words Season's Greetings printed on the top. Perfect for any Santa.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 9.10Height : 7.00Ask a Question
Nickel plated bells. 20 inches long; 1.5 inches wide.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 24.00Width : 11.00Height : 2.00Ask a Question
Poly cotton blend knee length red and green striped socks.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 6.00Height : 4.10Ask a Question