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Ufo Shooting Saucerman Animatronic

This nasty guy would rather shoot you than look at you. The alien turns his head and shoots by flipping the enclosed switch. Optional pressure pad or motion sensor can be added for automatic reaction. Sold as a stand alone unit or can be incorporated...
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Lab Assistant Animatronic

Every true evil scientist needs their own lab assistant. The lab assistant rocks back and forth while holding a brain and says several sayings. Watch out, he occasionally farts but he will apologize "sorry master ask a question
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Witches Brew Animatronic

Sure to bewitch your guests! Throw the switch on and the cackling hag launches with a burst of smoke and energy. Turn her off and she returns to her starting position. Allow 11' height and 10' length for operation. Ask us about our optional motion sensor...

Blood Bath Animatronic

A gruesome addition to any bathroom or corpse scene. Corpse body rises slowly from the bloody water. Includes the animatronic corpse and also the coloring and thickener you need to create the bloody bath water. You supply an old tub. ask a question

Trashed Animatronic

Appears as though a dirty weirdo is coming out of a garbage can. The body lifts out of the can with noises and comments. Includes movement controls, digital sound, amp and speaker. Special order only. Special order. Requires a/c power and a 100-125 psi...
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