We strive to breath New life into the Creature sections of our line - from fresh ideas on these Haunted House Props for your Attractions. We Try to Bring all ideas into the 21st century and beyond. if Creature you crave then fill up on these.

Alligator boys are a sideshow classic. Half boy, half alligator with scaly skin and nasty teeth. This one is roughly 3ft long! Ask a Question
The blood eagle is a ritualized method of execution, detailed in late skaldic poetry. According to the two instances mentioned in the Sagas, the victim (always a member of a royal family) was placed prone, the ribs severed...
Freestanding bloody dog like creature with huge fangs and a exposed skull face.
Our Dimwat Zombie Head features a glazed stare in one eye and the other a lazy eye, rotting skin, sagging jowls with two teeth poking out of his mouth and a indentaion on the top right side of his skull.
Giant head of a 3 horned hell beast. Very metal. Dimensions: 33" x 24" x 24"
Sinister looking man with a horses skull for a head. based on the Welsh Demon Mari Lwyd. orLifecast torso on a steel leg stand. Replica horse skull. Freestanding. 6’ 2” tall. 40 lbs. Ask a Question
This large vampire bat is swooping in for the kill. Made of foam rubber and faux fur. 36" wingspan and 24" body length.
Foam rubber monkey head with faux fur and a gory exposed brain.
Who knows what monsters lurk in the depths of the sea? This toothy, spiky monster fish is made of foam rubber. Not for use as a water prop.
This gaff is made from a combination of real and replica parts to create a remarkably authentic baby dragon mummy. It is authentic down to it's skeleton. Roughly 8" long Ask a Question
Screamin' Demon is a Halloween demon figure with classic horror fun appeal. Perfect for dark ride scenes or over-the-top haunts with a sense of humor.
Free-standing lifesize character of a wendigo, or cannibal monster from Algonquin folklore found deep in the forests in the Northeast and Midwest. The prop breaks down into a torso on a leg stand and has removable antlers for easy shipping.