BUTCHER HOOK GOAT HEAD Life Size Goat Head On Butcher Hook Hangs with metal hook in head.Latex and foam filled.
SKINNED SQUIRREL Life Size Skinned Squirrel Prop   Bloody and disgusting!Hang this critter from your tree!It's made with realism in mind!!
PEELED POSSUM Life Size Peeled Possum Prop Peeled Possum prop, hangs over 2 1/2 feet tall.Tail and legs are adjustable. Latex, fur, and AB foam.
PORK CHOP is 22 "LONG by 17 " WIDE. ONE BIG PIG!!!!! Can be used indoors or outdoors. Inspired by many gory horror movies- this prop is great for chainsaw, butcher or killer rooms in a haunted attraction. Bloody, chucks of pork, gouged out eyeballs and...
WHITE GOAT HEAD Life Size Severed Goat Head Life size bloody goat head prop. Latex and foam filled. Comes with white fur and teeth. $149.99 Price:
The zombie monkey features a monkey skeleton with a open mouth and fur in a crouching position on a piece of driftwood.
Life Size Coyote with the fur skinned from its body only with fur remaining on its head, feet, and tail.
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Similar to our field skinned rabbit, but gorier, bloodier, and based on a domestic white rabbit. Price is for one bunny.
Authentic rabbit skeleton specimen with meaty patina
Lifesize coyote prop showing partial gore and decay
Hanging from hook embedded in the leg, gory gutted lifesize foam rubber pig split in half. Dimensions: 48x22x8 - 12LBS Each  
Lifesize hanging skinned sheep with fur on it's head and trotters.
High detail, realistic gorilla head cast in polyfoam rubber with faux fur.
Roadkill rabbit prop uses authentic rabbit fur on an lab specimen skeleton with foam rubber gore. Each one is unique.
Foam rubber skinned coyote prop with bloody finish.
Ram Hain is truly a evil scary goat. It's frighting eyes light up eerie yellow with a menacing look with blood on it's mouth. This goat has a demonic possession that evil puts in it's body, not an infection. This goat is a true demon from Hell that is...
Ram Hain is truly a evil scary goat. It's frighting eyes light up eerie yellow with a menacing look with blood on it's mouth. This goat has a demonic possession that evil puts in it's body, not an infection. This goat is a true demon from Hell that...
Lifesize belgian shepherd dog with fur and wounds. Dimensions: 34x22x7
Amazing detail, stunning sculpture and paint job.  This disgusting prop will turn even the strongest stomachs.  Looks great in your butcher shop, torture chamber, kitchen, guillotine scene, or anywhere else!  Thick quality latex, with foam...
A static dead horse carcass prop. The HORS102HPHP edition offers an actor-friendly option. Zombie character ZMB804HPHPHP sold separately. FREIGHT COST TO FOLLOW
Freestanding bloody dog like creature with huge fangs and a exposed skull face.
Snarling dog puppet has a flexible jaw for latching on to any attacker and creating the illusion of a biting attack dog. Ask a Question
Lifesize, realistic goose with dirty, bloody "feathers", a plucked belly, and a poseable neck.Ask a Question
Lifesize Chesapeake Bay Labrador, or red lab dog.Ask a Question
Wounded pit bull originally made for a dog fighting episode of Law and Order.Ask a Question
Gory muliti colored chicken made with real feathers. Shows wounds typical of a fox attack, such as decapitation and/or torn open chest.Ask a Question
This replica dead opossum has a soft, flexible body with detailed face and claws, and realistic faux fur. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.Ask a Question
Is it a possum? A cat? Whatever it was, it's roadkill now. This decaying animal prop was originally created for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.Ask a Question
This mummified cat has latex weathered skin over a posed cat skeleton.Ask a Question
Free standing realistic pig has his head down in a rooting position. 32" H x 51" W x 20" D - Weighs Approximately 33 LBS. SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. Ask a Question
Big ol' fat pig. Free standing. Weighs 30lbs. Measures 45" long, 24" tall, ad 13" wide. Ask a Question
Pig fat severed pig head. Very detailed and realistic. Gory back. 13" x 14" x 12" Ask a Question
Splatter pig head is bloody and covered with cuts and wounds. Comes with a wire hook for hanging Ask a Question
Hanging from hook penetrating the leg, gory gutted lifesize foam rubber pig with a long incision starting at the neck and ending at the rump, measuring 36x9x9. Dimensions: 54x16x20  Ask a Question
This detailed pig head prop has glass eyes and a lolling tongue. About 16 inches long. Perfect for a butcher shop or creepy feast scene. Pig fat roast pig head. Very detailed and realistic. 13" x 14" x 12"Ask a Question
Unpainted and untirmmed pig head form.Ask a Question
This gruesome piece is not for the faint of heart! This latex and foam filled prop comes mounted to a solid piece of wood for secure hanging. 20"L x 21"W x 3.5"D Item is available unfurred(as shown) or furred for an additional cost. Ask a Question