Scare bear is a frightronic prop. All electric rocks back and forth. Comes with audio track. CHAIR NOT INCLUDED
Dandy Andy is a scary haunted doll frightronic prop. Its Alive! All electric, rocks back and forth and comes with audio track. 24 inches tall.
Lookout, this little creeper will creep you out. With her evil smile, she rocks back and forth and cackles as she sways. CD included, supply you own CD player. Operates on 100V outlet.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 25.00Width : 16.00Height : 17.00
Shocking realism! Life sized, kneeling and shaking. All electric and constructed of latex and foam with a metal armature and motor. Soundtrack CD included. Customer supplies CD player. 
Rancid is a creepy girl Frightronic Halloween prop. All electric prop rocks back and forth and come with audio track. Costume may vary.
Spitting Debbie is a nasty little girl who bobs her head as she chews on "dinner", while making chomping noises. During her program she lifts her head and 'spits' with a big blast or air and water mist (appro 12' throw). Includes complete digital control...
Creepy toddler size latex and foam doll with metal armature.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 25.00Width : 19.00Height : 19.00
What is more chilling than three forgotten dolls from yesteryear slowly riding a merry-go-round for an eternity? This eerie prop is the perfect way to turn your home into a haunted mansion or haunted playroom. Creepy music plays at the merry-go-round...
Forgotten and forsaken, these creepy dolls are left to seesaw alone for all time. This haunting prop features two Victorian dolls with hollowed-out eyes slowly riding on a seesaw while a chilling tune plays! Prop is easy to assemble and will add an...
Everyone will be afraid to come up to your house with the Swinging Skeletal Boy around! This creepy prop features a Victorian-era skeletal boy with hollowed out eyes that glow an other-worldly blue, and speaks haunting phrases to all passersby as his...