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Alan Cadaver Victim Dummy

Alan Cadaver Victim Dummy© features a realistic foam rubber head and arms on a durable, poseable canvas body. Legs bend at the knee and hip, arms have full rotation at the shoulder. Alan's face is slack jawed and slump necked with sunken eyes and sunken...
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Amy Victim Stunt Dummy

Our finest Stunt Dummy yet. The Victim Dummy© has full lifecast arms up to the shoulder and so can be dressed in both long and short sleeved attire, standard stunt dummies have lifecast hands only and need long sleeves. The deluxe victim also has a...
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Half Anatomical Bomb Alan

The Half Anatomical Dummy© Alan has lifecast head, arms, and full torso down to the jointed waist, as well as poseable cloth legs, so that he can move and be arranged realistically. This Alan body comes with extensive bomb and burn wounds as well as...
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