These severed head props will scare your friends and family out of their minds. We offer a wide selection of Halloween heads from impaled heads to mummy heads.

Martin head prop with exposed skull effect.
 Kemmler skinned head in gory detail and meaty glory hanging upside down with chain attached to stump with gore surrounding chain. Product dimensions: 10" x 8" x 6".   Hanging Skinned Kemmler Head
Our choice of six of our finest heads, severed and bloody. Basket not included. Ask a Question
Our Agatha head features a face that is crying in agony and brown wig.
Alan shows the effects of early death or advanced terminal disease. His cheeks and eyes are sunken, his neck is limp, and his mouth is slack jawed. Perfect head for any dead or ill body. Product dimensions: 11" x 8" x 7". Ask a Question
Alan Gunshot head has an entry wound on one side, and a huge bleeding exit wound on the other. Realistic stubble on the scalp. head is tilted and drooped realistically. Product dimensions: 11" x 8" x 7". Ask a Question
1 pair acrylic FX eyes included. Product dimensions: 11" x 11" x 9". Ask a Question
Lifecast female head with wig. Eyes open, smiling closed mouth.
Open eye David head with custom hair and beard.
Lifecast African American male head with open eyes, hair, eyebrows and beard. 
Mummified head of Joaquin with beard. Ask a Question
Life size, life cast middle aged to elderly male head with eyes closed and jowls. Ask a Question
Bloody Kristina looks like she could use an exorcism! Features gory neck stump wound, face wound, blood splatter, green eyes and red hair. Product dimensions: 11" x 9" x 8". Ask a Question
Bloody Mary head with eyes, wounds, and wig.Ask a Question
Demonic blue head with wild glass eyes.
Gory lifecast head prop and been clawed up and chewed on by brain eating zombies!Ask a Question
This fake severed head prop shows a man gritting his teeth and bearing it. Made of all weather vinyl. Great Halloween prop. Ask a Question
burn skin tone - Product dimensions: 10" x 8" x 6". Ask a Question
Realistic Alan head with burn wounds covering one side of the face. Ask a Question
Burnt and Gory Molly Head in polyfoam rubber with rubber hook embedded in her head for easy hanging. Lifesize.
Burnt and gory zack head in polyfoam rubber with rubber hook embedded in his head for easy hanging. Lifesize.
Calvary Joe Head features realistic red/blond hair and beard in the style of a civil war or wild west soldier. Ask a Question
Carl head form is straight out of our mold to you. Unpainted and untrimmed. Carl does have a scar running across his face and eye. Eyes sold separately. Ask a Question
Lifecast head of an open eyed hispanic male. Ask a Question
Beautifully detailed lifesize female zombie head. Cast in polyfoam rubber.
The deluxe mummified head is the most realistic rotting head around. Used in Law & Order, and many other productions. Features hair, gruesome decayed skin, and a top quality skull underneath. Ask a Question
Our Dimwat Zombie Head features a glazed stare in one eye and the other a lazy eye, rotting skin, sagging jowls with two teeth poking out of his mouth and a indentaion on the top right side of his skull. Dimensions: 11x9x9
Life size, life cast elderly female head with open eyes, slack-jaw and extruded tongue. Cast in high-strength, high-detail urethane rubber skin. Includes wig.
Life size, life cast middle aged to elderly male head with open eyes. Cast in high-strength, high-detail urethane rubber skin with sanded seams.
Lifecast Kristina Head with eyes plucked out and claw marks across the face.Ask a Question
Straight from our mold to you! Edith head form is our high-detail lifecast Edith head, unpainted and untirmmed. Made of a urethane rubber skin and flexible urethane foam core. Eyes sold separately. Ask a Question
Elderly female head with open eyes and open mouth. Ask a Question
Life-size head prop with multiple decaying wounds. Ask a Question
This lifesize sheet of female "human skin" is made from polyfoam. Blood colored back.
This petite polyfoam neck stump prop has a gory neck, including exposed vertebrae. Ask a Question
Lifecast Frank head with pale skin and dark set eyes. Ask a Question
Our Floyd head is transforming from a human to some unknown creature. It features one protruding eye and veins on half of its head. The head is turned to the left and the mouth is open.
Frank head is a lifecast male head with some character wrinkles and an intense look on his face. Perfect for soldiers, villians, mad scientists and tough guys. Prop has full head and partial neck. No shoulders. Ask a Question
Lifecast male head with beard and ice effects.Ask a Question