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Fauxescent LED Faulty Fluorescent Light

  • Appears to be flickering fluorescent tube or faulty fixture, but is long-life LED.
  • Two tube, 48” fixture. Protective wire cage around bulbs for aesthetics and safety
  • Select from multiple flicker routines from slight flicker to electrical failure.
  • Adjust intensity, speed and depth of most effects by simply rotating a knob.
  • Tubes react independently of each other and at random.
  • Internal controller provides full dimming, not just blinking on/off
  • Choice of tube colors. Ships with one warm white and one cool white; both warm or both cool optional.
  • Realistic look from shatterproof coated glass tubes while maintaining safety.
  • 120 Volt AC operation, 30 watts maximum.
  • Internal surge suppression and circuit breaker.

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