Firefly⮠Ff-351 Digital Lightning Simulator With 4 Prolight™ 400s

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firefly® 351 digital lightning simulator

with lights at a special price! Run a continuous loop thunder-and-lightning effect, or use the beam-bounce sensor to trigger thunder and lightning on demand! Add a pair of powered speakers for a turnkey system!

firefly® 351 digital lightning simulator with 4 prolight™ 400s and an infrared beam-bounce sensor. The best lightning simulator i

firefly® extreme package:

  • firefly400 high-power led lights
  • lights alive infrared beam-bounce sensor
  • accessory kit, 1x 1/8" to 1/8" audio cable, 1x 1/8" to phono audio cable
  • 2 spare fuses
  • 1 three-channel lightning simulator