Fright Elevator - 2d + 3d

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fright elevator - 2d + 3d: the most realistic elevator motion simulator ever created!

35 seconds to go up ... 5 seconds to come crashing down!

imaging your guests walking into an elevator in your haunt / attraction and closing the doors. When everyone is inside and ready, the elevator begins to starts up. The floor rumbles with movement and the elevator "windows" show they are in fact going up ...

when the elevator reaches the 10th floor, the elevator comes to a sudden halt. The lights in the elevator begin to flicker and a creaking / metal straining sound can be heard. There is something horribly wrong and nothing but an open elevator shaft is beneath the occupants.

suddenly, the elevator floor drops out from underneath the passengers and the elevator drops 10 feet ... But it is still being held up by a single steel cable.

what would happen if that single steel cable was to break?

about the 3d versions:

hi-rez designs: fright elevator is the first haunt product to utilize the full capability of 3d led / lcd tvs an monitors. Because playback of this video is in the standard "horizontal" widescreen format, new 3d televisions with "passive 3d glasses" (non-battery powered) can be used.

most (99.99%) of the new 3d television can be set in either sbs (side-by-side) or tb (top-bottom) 3d decoding format this product is best suited for 3d playback. Although the 3d glasses are slightly more expensive than the standard anaglyph (red-blue) glasses, they are basically the same 3d glasses that are used for every 3d movie in the theaters today. You can easily buy larger quantities of passive 3d tv glasses online for a fraction of the price per glasses than if you were to purchase smaller quantities or single pairs.

the 3d playback in this format is the absolutely most realistic 3d imagery ever. Please be sure your 3d television can support sbs or tb 3d content before you order. Recommended 3d tv size: 42" or larger.

don't have a new 3d tv but still want a 3d version that you can use with just about any led / lcd tv?

we've got you covered . . . Hi-rez designs: fright elevator™ is also available in the standard anaglyph (red-blue) hd version. The anaglyph version of fright elevator™ is equally effective in 3d and not only can it be used with just about any television, the glasses can be purchased for "pennies" per pair when bought in large number quantities online.


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