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New DELUXE version responds to live or pre-recorded audio! Create your own custom routines simply by loading your own audio file! Includes a pro microphone and an effects unit that pitches your voice to monsterously low or hysterically high! Now includes the Graveyard Skull and Jawbone Jack characters. Ghost Bust sold separately.

Add More Fun
Add the Ghost Bust Live system to your existing Ghost Bust setup to bring even more fun and excitement to your haunt! Interact with your guests live... you control what the Ghost Bust says!

Turns You into a Monster
Load the software onto your computer (Mac or PC) and use the professional microphone and voice changer to disguise your voice into something really frightening!

Create Custom Routines
Ghost Bust Live also responds to pre-recorded audio files, so you can have the Ghost Bust perform your own original stories and speeches you've recorded yourself ahead of time!

Play Multiple Routines
Switch from live mode to auto-pilot mode to have the Ghost Bust perform up to five different Night Frights routines: at the touch of a button or looping one after the other. Great when your actor needs a break, or when you want to play more than one Ghost Bust routine in a night!

Fun and Simple to Use
Get into the act! Think of the Ghost Bust as your own spooky avatar that you control from a secret hiding place. In live mode, you can be either Grimley, (the Haunt Rules character), or the Graveyard Skull. In auto-pilot mode, choose from a dozen character routines for easy video playback.

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