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"The Ghost Bust"

Ghost Bust products are an elite line of unique Halloween props that give professional and home haunts a thrill their guests won't see anywhere else. These life-size statues come alive by way of a discrete video projector, creating the startling illusion...
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The Ghost Bust HD

AMAZING SINGING BUSTS PROJECTION FOR HALLOWEEN The Ghost Bust uses a discrete ceiling-mounted projector to project professionally produced video performances onto a specially formulated bust, mapping the video’s facial characteristics to...
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Terrify your unsuspecting guests with the hottest  prop to hit the haunt market! This beautiful ornate mirror easily serves as the center piece in any haunted house setting and appears to be innocent enough, until the mirror's reflection suddenly...
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Man-imations (Animated Morbid Mannequins for your Haunted House) Man-imations are facially animated talking mannequins for your haunted house or Halloween display. So realistic and imposing, Man-imations are more compelling and dependable than an actor...
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