What a pot head! Our Agatha head with a face bleeding inside of a stainless steel pot. Comes standard with a brown bob wig. Great for cannibal scenes. Dimensions 16'' x 9'' x 8'' Weight 3 lbs.
What is that in the corner? Why, it looks like a bucket of...EWWWW!  This small metal bucket of gorey fleshy bits and small body parts is a perfect accent piece for your haunted decor! Each one is individually hand made and no two are exactly alike.
 Candy Castle is a haunted castle decoration and candy bowl perfect for Halloween and parties. hand painted made of latex and foam. It includes a light to make the windows glow. Candy castle must not be exposed to candles, open flames, or high heat...
A baking tray overflowing with backed human parts.
NEW Cotton Candy Head Part of the Carnival of Carnage Concession Collection, this carny treat has a surprise! From one side it looks like regular cotton candy but with a swift turn this treat becomes terrifying!
9.5" frying pan cooking up a   cannibals favorite, eggs over queasy!  Face is cast in latexand backed with a soft foam on a real metal pan.  *Pan may vary slightly Ask a Question
Severed head that's been turned into a jack -o lantern with real LED flickering lights inside. Perfect hand prop for any haunted attraction. Prop is latex skin filled with soft foam with reinforced rope handle.Requires 3 AAA batteries, not includedAsk a...
Real wood box filled with gory surprises.  Skull and spine are latex and foam filled.
Monster Bowl! Fill this work of monster art with fruit, candy, or other items. Sculpted and painted  Made of latex and foam. 18.5x12x12 inches
Who knows what monsters lurk in the depths of the sea? This toothy, spiky monster fish is made of foam rubber. Not for use as a water prop.
Sometimes, the less you know about something, the scarier it is. The mutilation chunk is wonderfully gory foam prop that looks like an indistinguishable piece of meat. Is it animal? Is it human? It's whatever you need it to be. Ask a Question
Part of the Carnival of Carnage Concession Collection, these Popcorn Buckets have some creepy extra toppings. Comes with both Large and small popcorn as pictured.
Large real metal pot with a freshly severed zombie being cook up just right for you. Head is latex and foam backed.PLEASE ALLOW 2 TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY Ask a Question
Hey what's for dinner? Sum Yung Gai!  Complete with bloody chopsticks, this prop is sure to turn heads as you pick at your take out dinner from that sketchy Chinese food place around the block.  Makes a great practical joke item! Just slip into...