Standing lifesize, roughly 5'9" and incredibly detailed, the Queen Nefertiti Mummy is poseable, freestanding, and fully costumed.
You have a zombie on your back! This highly detailed upper torso of a brain eating attacker goes with you anywhere!  
Please don't make that joke... I know you're thinking it, but for the love of all that is unholy, please just don't say it... Yes, I know she has horns, and yes, I know she'd be really cool to take a picture with. That doesn't mean you need to get all...
He is risen. The child, the abomination, the beginning to the end. Five feet tall and here to destroy us all! Weighing in at all of 13 lbs, this giant Evil Baby is a great piece for your façade, nursery room, or apocalyptic wasteland. Each baby is...
Victor called him many things: "creature", "fiend", "spectre", "demon", "wretch", "devil", and even "ogre", but know him simply as Frankie :) As a 6' tall head, it must have been quite the slab that his maker raised up, but luckily he weighs less than 15...
These hands are a bit over-the-top... In that they are both large and audacious as well as sit on top of a facade. But what they lack in wrist-action, they make up for in white-knuckle terror! With a plywood base, these hands are heavy enough to hold...
Did you hear a thud? There it is again! Oh geeze... At over 5 feet tall, our Giant Bloody Heart hangs from any point you can connect a chain  plug it into a socket. Want to really creep out your guests? Put the heart in the center of your walkway...
He He Ha Ha Ha! Welcome Fun-Land to where we're all full of (s)laughter! This Giant Evil Clown Head is sure to put the fear of the Big Top into your customers and at over 6 feet tall is perfect for carnivals, circuses, fun houses, and anywhere you want...
5 1/2 foot tall hands could certainly shovel a lot of brains into that zombie's waiting jaws! With a weighted base that can be left standing or bolted to a wall, these impressive grasping claws are an awesome addition to any façade, graveyard,...
Choose a face, any face. Step right up and choose a face... The Giant Pumpkin foam prop can be custom cut to any Jack-O'-Lantern design you'd like at no additional charge, can be painted bright & fun or dark & rotten, and is perfect for interior...
Why don't scarecrows make good comedians? Their jokes are all WAY too corny! Har har har hearugh... Well, I certainly think this guy would kill, just maybe not at stand-up. With 6" razor sharp teeth dripping blood and button eyes that peer through the...
This impressive foam skull weighs in at a whopping 13 lbs! With the jaw attached, it stands a full 6.5 feet tall and about 4.5 feet wide. This guy is a MAJOR “wow” piece on top of any façade, place of sacrifice, or other location in...
The Kraken has been known to drag entire ships straight down to the murky depths. Why stop there? At an enormous 12' tall, our Giant Tentacle will drag entire groups of would-be haunted house attendees straight to the underworld. Whether or not it...
At a full 5 1/2 feet tall and about 3 1/2 feet wide, this impressive foam zombie weighs in at a whopping 12 lbs! This guy is a MAJOR “wow” piece on top of any façade, graveyard, hospital, prison, or other location in your attraction...
When we discovered just how many of our customers were using our Giant Zombie Head as a photo-op, we were thrilled! But after careful consideration, we realized that anybody can take a picture... We wanted to use the picture as a distraction :) Set up...
Complete Psycho Clown Storage Room Kit Includes seven (7) clowns (five static clowns & two hanging Kicker Clowns with steel inner frame construction and soft foam outer bodies - please see video below), Animation Maestro Controller, PIR Trigger,...
Our classic Alien Prop painted RED. It is made of latex and foam and is flatbacked. It can be laid on a exam table or the floor or can be mounted on the wall. It does not include the stand which appears in the photo. Legs will be folded for shipping
These larger than life puppets can move around with freedom of a typical walkaround suit or costume, but possess a realism in movement and detail. Towering a heights of 8 feet tall and with an armspan of 8 feet across, this creature is capable of moving...
Stone Skull is an impressive giant skull decoration, painted to look like stone.  30x18x13 inch, flat backed skull, made of latex and foam, hand painted, with two rings for hanging. Amazing giant skull prop decoration. *This skull does not include...
Rotten Rover prop is a static Zombie dog prop made of latex and foam
Rot is a latex and foam Halloween & haunt corpse prop  . Hand painted  
Willy the rat is a latex and foam rat puppet. Stick you right hand in the puppet and control the mouth and head with your hand. Creates an illusion you are holding Willy the Rat. Great for working event lines, Halloween costumes, animal events, childrens...
Rat prop! Latex and foam static rat prop  s. Aprox 17in long.
Nightfright prop! Static latex and foam Halloween prop with metal armature . Creepy, scary haunt fright prop. Clothing may vary.
The Monster Mummy is an amazing mummy prop made of latex and foam, hand painted at Distortions Unlimited. It is two pieces, an upper and lower part that fit together for display and come apart for storage. It is designed to lay down for display or can be...
Last Laff Prop is a static old creepy clown prop . Clothing may vary.
Halloween Scarecrow is a bendable body halloween prop with a flickering light in its Jack O Lantern head. Foam filled latex with wire armature in it. Great for the porch, yard haunt, haunted corn maze, haunted house, or for use as a Halloween decoration...
Hairy Scary Skeleton is a latex and foam 5ft tall skeleton prop that has a bendable wire armature inside, allowing you to bend the arms, legs, and spine. Hand painted   in the USA. Amazing Halloween haunt prop!
Grave Buster Bonnie is a static zombie prop  Latex and foam with metal armature. Clothing may vary.
Ghostly Vampire is a Hanging Halloween vampire prop  Creepy hanging Halloween decoration perfect for yard haunts, haunted attractions, Halloween parties and more. Designed for hanging. clothing may vary.
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Dolly Prop is a creepy doll static prop  made of latex and foam with metal armature. 46 inches tall. Clothing may vary. 
Dead Weight Tomb Prop. Static Zombie tombstone prop by Distortions Unlimited. Great Halloween decoration and prop for yard haunt. Clothing may vary.
Dead Weight Tomb frightronic all electric prop. This zombie and tombstone animatronic is perfect for your cemetery scene. The tombstone goes up and down as our zombie pushes it off. Clothing may vary. Comes with audio download.
Dead Again Corpse Prop is a classic corpse prop made of latex and foam at Distortions. It comes in two pieces that fit together for display and pull apart for storage. This corpse prop fits well in crypt scenes in dark attractions, for home and yard...
Crazy Clown prop is a static latex and foam scary clown Halloween prop  . Has metal armature. Clothing may vary.
Cracking Crypt Prop is the Static Prop version of the Cracking Crypt. This tombstone and zombie is perfect for you Halloween display, haunt, or yard haunt. Made of latex and foam with metal armatur
Cracking Crypt is a Grave Buster Frightronic zombie tombstone prop by Distortions. Amazing! The tombstone opens and closes as the zombie rises and falls. All electric. Made of latex and foam with metal armature. Aprox. 36inx24inx12in. Clothing may...
What's Halloween without something strange on the slab? Add the strangest autopsy patient to your next haunted house, a gory autopsy alien.
48" tall one eyed skeleton with realistic aged finish and d-ring for hanging from head.