Need a super strong, heavy, hi-detail arm? You found it! Solid rubber arms are our strongest, heaviest arms, and are water resistant.
This Lucy Leg has a gory stump, with burn effects throughout. Perfect for any torture or fire scene.   3 FOOT X 8" X 8"
Animal attack Jack is based on real bear attack victims. Hair is partially scalped, leg skeletonized, torso gutted, and back mauled. Ask a Question
Gory lifesize standing figure with lifecast head and poseable mannequin body. Bloody Miles has a creepy look to him. Great for haunted houses or horror movies.Ask a Question
Brainfood Ben has a fully poseable body perfect for sitting, leaning, or laying on the ground. The top part of his head has been eaten through, possibly by a zombie seeking the deliscious brainfood within. Very bloody and realisitic. Pairs great with an...
Poseable dummy body with lifecast Norman head and exposed brain. Can be sitting or laying down. Perfect victim for a zombie attack.Ask a Question
2 latex and foam filled hands.
Our big muscular Jack body brutally hacked into 6 big pieces. Ask a Question
Chopped Kristina is our lifecast female Kristina body, severed limb from limb with bloody gory stumps. Includes 1 head with eyes and hair, 2 arms, 1 toros, and 2 legs. Ask a Question
Male right arm prop. Available in a variety of skin tones and with or without gore. Fake arm extends two-thirds up bicep. Dimensions:  23x5x4
PAIR of lifecast, lifesize Kristina arms with full decayed detail. Ask a Question
April is a petite female or older child sized arm. Lifecast with realistic detail and bloody gore dripping from the back. Reinforced with a loop for hanging.Ask a Question
Lifecast Jamie hand with lots of gore and a reinforced loop for hanging. Ask a Question
Full length, lifecast arm for a 6ft tall male, with tons of realistic gore spilling out the back and a reinforced loop for easy hanging, from a hook or on the wall. Ask a Question
Lifecast prop Kristina arm with lots of gore coming out the back and a reinforced look for hanging. Perfect for haunts. Ask a Question
Full size, life cast Martin arm with gruesome gore dripping from the bloody stump. Gore is reinforced with a loop for hanging. Ask a Question
Full size, bent knee, lifecast Sonia leg with gore dripping out the stump and a reinforced hanging loop. Ask a Question
Decapitated male Half Anatomical Dummy© body with lifecast arms and torso, and poseable dummy legs and torso. Ask a Question
Body features a dummy with fully detailed chest, arms, neck, and legs from the shin down. Mid section and upper legs are poseable stuffed canvas for maximum flexibility. Includes distressed clothing and head.
Our beautiful jessica corpse, with lots of blood and cuts and no head. Ask a Question
Poseable value dummy with stand. Value dummy features painted foam hands and realistic neck gore.Ask a Question
Decapitated Victim Dummy features a gory neck stump attached to a jointed canvas stunt body. Lifecast arms with full rotating shoulders. Legs have an armature wire for poseability and can be bent at the knee and hip. Waist is jointed. Ask a Question
A man melted by acid until he's nothing but a bloody sock of flesh stretched thin over a bone frame. Fully Articulated Features a museum quality skull. Originally Designed for Penn & Teller.Ask a Question
Our beautiful Deluxe Wounded Jessica body with all the missing parts included. Features 1 gory Jessica body, 1 gory Jessica leg, 1 gory Jessica arm, 1 gory Jessica hand, and a length of intestines.Ask a Question
Anatomical male body with open chest cavity and severed limbs.Ask a Question
Full length Lucy female legs made of high strength and high-flexibility urethane rubber. Lucy has a medium build with average muscle mass. Flexible armature allows the prop to bend at the knee. 
Full length Joe legs made of high strength and high-flexibility urethane rubber. Joe has a tall build with average muscle mass. Flexible armature allows the prop to bend at the knee. Product dimensions: 32" x 8" x 6".
Lifecast elderly male arm. This arm comes in Right arm only. Dimensions: 14x4x3
Lifecast elderly arms cast in high-strength, high-detail and high-flexibility urethane rubber skin. Product dimensions: 26"x4"x4" per arm.
Lifecast male arm with closed fist. Cast in high durability rubber with a gunshot entry wound on one side and exit wound on the other. Great for triage and tourniquet training.
Nick Half Legs are lifecast male legs. Cast to the knee. Great as a fake male foot prop. Available as a single foot or a pair of feet. Cast in high strength, hi detail dura rubber with sanded seams PALE CLEAN STUMP
Someone bit off this hand that fed it. This vinyl hand with exposed bone still attached to a bit of meat and given an aged finish has been seen in The Shield and in the feature film The Hurt Locker. This creepy realistic partially decayed look would...
Exposed Bone Sonia Leg This lifesize female leg prop is bent at the knee and made in polyfoam rubber. Wounds are an exposed fibia and tibula, as well as a protruding femur.
Talk about a facelift gone awry! Lifesize freestanding character holding her own skinned off face with plastic surgery marks on her body. Full lifecast body with poseable arms and legs. Part of our All-American Horror line of characters. Bloody fun. Ask...
This life-size wounded leg prop features exposed femur, fibula and tibia bones. Wounded as though torn from the body, as in a bomb attack or animal attack for instance. Ask a Question
Gory female zombie standing figure. Lifecast wounded head and poseable mannequin body.Ask a Question
This gory pair of vinyl prop hands features life cast detail and medically accurate bones protruding from bloody hand meat. Ask a Question
Half Anatomical Dummies feature dummy legs with a lifecast deluxe torso and upper body. Body has poseable knees and hips, a flexible waist, full rotation on the shoulders, and poseable arms and neck. Gory Martin features bloody meat covering all of the...
Lifecast Gunshot Gary male body features a gunshot entry wound on one side and a large exit wound on the other side of his head, closed eyes and a muscular build. 5'9" tall.
Full length life cast Hugo leg with a gunshot through and through entry and exit wound. Left Leg only.