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Barrel Buster Animatronic

when the switch is thrown, the lid pops open and a lifesized torso comes out. With crazy screaming/industrial sounds, smoke and strobe lighting. This unexpected terror comes with tape player, tape, smoke machine, strobe light and amp with speaker...

Animated Barrel Jumper

This pro-haunt barrel jumper will scare the willies out of your guests! The barrel jumps, shakes and rattles around like something wants to get out! Perfect for a toxic laboratory scene or write "trash" on it, use with a sensor and when people come up to...
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Blood Bath Animatronic

a gruesome addition to any bathroom or corpse scene. Corpse body rises slowly from the bloody water. Includes the animatronic corpse and also the coloring and thickener you need to create the bloody bath water. You supply an old tub. ask a question

Trashed Animatronic

Appears as though a dirty weirdo is coming out of a garbage can. The body lifts out of the can with noises and comments. Includes movement controls, digital sound, amp and speaker. Special order only. Special order. Requires a/c power and a 100-125 psi...
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