Add a frightening element to your haunted house with props, lights, and decorations. We specialize in static and animated Halloween props that can fit your needs.

  Add this unique and scary skull chandelier to your haunt this year. This well constructed skull chandelier is made with four Life-Size Skulls, four life-size femur bones and four other leg bones. A great item for any Halloween or Horror event...
Trick-or-treaters will be startled as they walk past your ghostly graveyard! The impressive 4 foot tall engraved pillar tombstone is made from foam-filled latex. This monument prop will make your Halloween graveyard the talk of the town! Boxed dims:...
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Latex and foam prop is ready to hang over your doorway. Approx. 60 in. long x 12 in. x 12 inches deep.  
Classic Wood Wall Sconce with 3"x4" Ivory wax moving flameless candle. Help give that hallway or dark area some needed eerie lighting. Size is 16" tall by 6" across.Candle is made of 100% refined paraffin wax, with random flame movement. Fully remote...
This is perhaps the most realistic moving flameless candle on the market, virtually undistinguishable from real wick-burning candles.  Size is 3" x 4" tall.  Some features are: * Made from 100% refined paraffin wax * Random flame motion *...
This classic all iron LIFE-SIZE skeleton cage contains a corpsed life-size skeleton, 5'6" tall. The cage is a very nice quality HAND MADE heavy duty all iron cage that is bolted together.  The corpsed skeleton is so life-like, that you would swear...
 This smaller version of the Wildfire Digital LED Lantern has 99 LEDs which produce a mesmerizing flicker of fire. The lantern housing is made of black powder coated metal and glass and can be used indoors or outdoors. Includes the metal lantern...
Skeleton Chandelier, Three Harvey Jr. Skeletons Holding Candles larger...
SKULL / HUMERUS BONE WALL SCONCE, W/ 3" SKULL This is a smaller version of the standard life-size Skull/Crossbone sconce, made with a 3" Harvey Jr. skull and two humerus bones would help enhance that dark corner or hallway. It...
This Gothic looking skull chandelier, made with nine life-size skulls would be great for any Halloween or Horror event. It is made in a circular pattern with the three skulls on the top tier just above the six skulls on bottom tier. The metal is 1/8 inch...
  This Gothic looking skull chandelier, made with nine life-size skulls would be great for any Halloween or Horror event. It is made in a circular pattern with the three skulls on the top tier just above the six skulls on bottom tier. The metal is...
GPS 4 MIL:If you are looking for Black Plastic Sheeting for Halloween, or fire retardant theatrical black plastic sheeting, you have arrived at right place! Note that some people may call it, "haunted house fire proof plastics" but what they mean is...
10 highly detailed and gory clown heads hanging from6' of rope.  cast in latex and foam backed. Heads will be assorted and may varyslightly   PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 4 WEEKS
100 EACHA very realistic tarantula that can scare even the most brave!Ask a Question
Everything you would like to know about the magical thumb tip. 32 page soft bound book.Ask a Question
If you have a Svengali deck, then you need this book. Solid, audience-tested material.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 11.00Width : 8.00Height : 1.00Ask a Question
If you're stuck for an idea for a stripper deck, then this is The Book. New Original effects and new tips. Requires no skill. SOFT BOUND BOOK - 28 PAGES - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 13.00Width : 6.10Height : 1.10Ask a Question
The Kraken has been known to drag entire ships straight down to the murky depths. Why stop there? At an enormous 12' tall, our Giant Tentacle will drag entire groups of would-be haunted house attendees straight to the underworld. Whether or not it...
Twelve great ideas for presenting the Gospel using a thumb tip. Properly titled with a scriptural application to guide the audience through the lesson.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 7.00Width : 7.00Height : 7.00Ask a Question
This book is written with the Christian worker in mind, whether you are a pastor, teacher, lay person, christian speaker or entertainer. 36 pages.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 10.00Width : 7.00Height : 1.00Ask a Question
Twelve excellent effects on ways to lift up Jesus. Each lesson has a scripture and a story such as Jacob's Dream, Five Little Words and more. 27 pages.Ask a Question
Here's a book loaded with ideas and routines complete with bible text to present ideas with impact. 32 pages.Ask a Question
If you want to add some color and beauty to your program, include some silk magic. Here is a book full of grand old tricks with original Gospel routines. 32 pages.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 11.00Height : 4.00Ask a Question
If you want to get into the Gospel Magic business with very little output of cash, this book will be of interest to you. 32 pages.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 13.00Width : 11.00Height : 2.00Ask a Question
Impromptu Gospel magic gives you routines that you can do with items that are readily available, or that can be borrowed from your audience. 36 pages.Ask a Question
Rat prop! Latex and foam static rat prop   Approx. 17in long.
Life-size two piece Harvey skull has a movable jaw that is spring loaded. Great feature on this skull is the spring is hidden and is not visible from normal view. Very realistic skull with moderate detail for this price point. The skull is hallow and...
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Street game of the mid 30's that took in some of the wealthiest people of it's day. Author John Scarne teaches it all in this book. SOFT BOUND BOOK - 47 PAGES - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 7.00Width : 6.00Height : 6.00Ask a Question
36" realistic looking jungle snake.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00Ask a Question
This classic all iron skeleton cage is a must for any dungeon or haunted house. This is a very nice quality HAND MADE heavy duty all iron cage that is bolted together. It is not at all like those cheap ones you see at Halloween. Hook is provided at top...
3D Chestburster Photo Op made of latex and foam and hand painting. Comes with metal stand, bendable armature in arms. Clothing may vary.
Gives a pictorial guide to the technology of prosthetics, a makeup technique that is used in theatre, film and tv.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 40.00Width : 24.00Height : 20.00Ask a Question
Our 3-D Starter Kit includes one pint each of Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Green; 25 pairs of 3-D glasses and our "How to Guide." Easily create professional 3-D effects with this kit. Paint is...
Our 3 ft long Feegee mermaid is big enough to wow them, especially when displayed with our exclusive sideshow banner. Banner is all weather vinyl with grommets. Mermaid comes with stand. This carnival classic is fun for children of all ages! Ask a...
This small version of our mummified feegee mermaid prop is still big enough to make a splash. Perfect for sideshows or your own collection of curios. Ask a Question
Our Pillar Prop is made of latex and foam and is painted to look like grey stone. over 3 feet tall! It is a perfect companion pillar for our Castle Gargoyle Prop. Great for decoration, theater, castle or gothic scenes, Halloween, haunted attractions and...