Monstrous, mutant, Rat flops and twists in the giant trap as it squeals. Over 4 feet long! Not for the squeamish! Foam filled latex with steel armature. 110v with audio cd.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 48.00Width : 24.00Height : 13.00
72” wide, 24” deep brick fireplace with mantel and Animal head plaque, pneumatically breakaway and allow Animated Grizzly to break thru wall and travel into scene and then automatically reset. Ask a Question
Track system for above includes four point roller track dolly, track and pneumatics to propel Animated Grizzly 60” forward/back.Ask a Question
"Ape Rage" is a crazy violent animatronic prop. This haunted halloween Prop shakes and moves violently and includes audio.FREIGHT WILL QUOTE BEFORE SHIPMENT Ask a Question
An unsuspecting Bear Rug lies motionless on the floor, when activated a 7′ tall bear rears up on hind legs, arms raised, jaws snapping as the head and neck thrash wildly! Character movements include rearing up, head/neck up/down left/right, jaw...
Hidden behind a side panel in a corridor, a full sized Grizzly Bear breaks thru the wall and rushes toward your patrons, jaws snapping, with arms and claws thrashing wildly. Character movements also feature full head/neck movements. Entire character is...
A pair of large vicious dogs thrash and tear apart a captured zombie. Dogs feature various head and body movements, victim features jaw movements synchronized to his screams. Man is an optional dog handler. FREIGHT COSTS TO FOLLOW
This amazing and realistic piece tips its hat to the classic early monster/circus days. Long, hand laid hair and a 48 x 48 x 90 all metal cage makes this prop stunning and durable. Gorilla head tips side to side and forward as he bangs the bars of the...
Giant animated Grizzly Bear violently rips a human victim in two WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITH THE LOWEST FREIGHT RATER WE FINE
Life size raven features servo drive movements for mouth, head, and neck. Professionally produced custom character audio message and synchronized mouth movements are included in price. Ask a Question
Animated skunk turns and spray (water) ADD A  SKUNK SCENT SPRAY ALSO
Life sized Raven features servo drive movements for mouth, head, neck and outstretched wing flap. Professionally produced custom character audio message and synchronized mouth movements are included in the price. Ask a Question
This Vicious Dog barks and growls, snarls and lunges trying to get at you. This animatronic prop   is not just all bark but has bite also.   Ask a Question
Optional hillbilly handler lowers and raises rope suspending Zombie victim as jaw movement allows you to add synched dialogue to the character. Boars and victim sold separately as PIG102HP FREIGHT COSTS TO FOLLOW
A pair of enormous squealing wild pigs rip and thrash apart a zombie victim suspended above them, hung by his foot. Character lowering victim to boars sold separately as PIG103HP FREIGHT COST TO FOLLOW
Enormous squealing wild pig charges violently back and forth on a 60″ track system with thrashing head and jaw movements. FREIGHT COST TO FOLLOW