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Man-imations (Animated Morbid Mannequins for your Haunted House)

Man-imations are facially animated talking mannequins for your haunted house or Halloween display. So realistic and imposing, Man-imations are more compelling and dependable than an actor yet far more versatile and realistic than a standard animatronic. And no moving parts to break down! Pro haunts or neighborhood displays: the cool-factor is off the charts!

Man-imations use the same video projection technology developed for the Ghost Bust, mapping the contours of the projection to exactly match the specially fabricated face. The painstaking attention to detail results in a stunning effect you can't achieve any other way. We love hearing from our customers once they've seen the effect in person: "It's truly a thrilling spectacle to see!"

Each Man-imation comes complete with life-size body form with posable arms and legs and specially crafted facial area, projector, projector ceiling mount and one video routine of your choosing. You just supply a sound system and a switch mat

While supplies last, you’ll receive a digital video player that allows you to trigger video playback instantly when someone steps on a pressure mat or presses a switch. No additional controller is needed!





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