Brown vinyl elbow length glove with metal look detailed accents. One glove only. Right hand glove. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 12.00Width : 7.00Height : 1.00Ask a Question
Deluxe glove set with the distinctive look. Adult sized.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 15.00Width : 7.10Height : 6.00Ask a Question
Black ''faux leather'' with detail stitching design. Very similar look to the movie version.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 12.00Width : 8.00Height : 1.00Ask a Question
This deluxe Freddy glove has a realistic leather-look glove with REAL metal finger blades! This is as close to the movie as you can get! A true collectors' item. One size fits all.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 18.00Width : 16.00Height : 5.00Ask a...
Poly cotton green gloves with striped accents. One size fits most adults.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 13.00Width : 11.00Height : 2.00Ask a Question
All latex gauntlet hand/gloves. Finish your Predator look with these collector quality hands.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 19.00Width : 13.00Height : 4.00Ask a Question