This will hopefully answer many questions about the MIRROR ILLUSIONS products in our Ghost Bust category.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

I see that it had a step pad to activated it..if I don't want to use a step pad does it have an option to activated by motion sensor or remote control?

Yes. the Mirror Controller works with any similar trigger:  a step mat, a motion sensor, hand-held switch, etc.

Since this comes with a DVD player does it require that the cable is running from the DVD player to he mirror? Or remote signal so that no wire is visible ?

There are a couple of wires that go to the television behind the mirror.  There are a couple of different ways to address them...  If you're attaching to a flat (false wall), simply drill a hole in the wall behind the mirror and run the cables to the DVD player that way.  If you're attaching to a real wall, you can either simply hang a drape onto the bottom of the mirror, (most people go this route), or you can drill one hole behind the mirror and another down near the floor and run the wires through the wall that way.

Since it is one mirror, does a single purchase come with a DVD with all scary mirror characters or are there 4 separate DVDs..and do they need to be purchased separately or do they all come in a pack with the single mirror purchase.

The mirror comes with one single DVD.  Additionally DVDs are available for purchase so you can swap them out at will.  (Only owners of the system can purchase additional DVDs).

How is the volume to the mirror controlled?

You'll want to run the DVD player through a sound system, don't try to use the audio from the TV, it's not nearly loud enough to create a good startle.  You'll run the cable out of the DVD player out to your sound system.