We have a wide selection of prop organs in lifecast foam filled latex and budget vinyl. Fake brains, hearts, lungs, livers and other organs are available for sale. These are the perfect props for Halloween zombies, cannibals and mad science scenes.

The organ pieces look too good to you? Get them all. The set includes any 6 assorted pieces of the following: a juicy brain, a scrumptious liver, delicious intestine, a little heart, a tasty stomach, good looking eyes, a fragrant nose, a pair of kidneys,...
This hollow, vinyl, budget brain is 3/4 life size and a blast to have around. Lite weight and durable, show your inner workings to the world or to the special someone as a gift during Halloween or anytime. Product dimensions: 6" x 4" x 3". Ask a Question
Great value hollow vinyl heart. Waterproof and life sized. Product dimensions: 7"x4"x3". Ask a Question
This is an interlocking organ set which includes lungs, heart, stomach, liver, kidneys and intestines. Fantastic for medical and morgue scenes, casualty simulation, anatomical lessons and freaking out small children. Ask a Question
Intestines made with a flexible, elastic rubber skin (shore hardness 25) and a light chain core for added strength. Flexible and strong. Great for wrapping around things or actors.
Realistically painted lifecast heart, cast in hollow, water-resistant rubber. Product dimensions: 5"x3"x3".
Prop human intestines are made of a solid block of foam filled latex. Ask a Question
Left lung prop made from high quality foam. Ask a Question
This is truly the heart of a champion! This large heart is a life cast mammal heart identical to a large athletic human heart. All the realistic detail is there. This heart is 9" long, and is similar to the heart of cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has the...
The heart is perhaps the most symbolic of all our many organs, but most prop hearts are based more on the symbol than the real thing. Not so with the Dapper Cadaver Natural Heart Replica. This foam filled latex prop is life cast from a real heart. This...
This life sized brain prop is made of foam filled latex. Product dimensions: 6"x5"x4". Ask a Question
Pair of model latex human lungs. Sections into two pieces. Product dimensions: 10"x8"x5". Ask a Question
This realistic human liver will add realism to any gut pile. full 360 degree foam filled latex prop. Ask a Question
Small prop human liver. Ask a Question
Large Prop lungs made from high quality foam. Ask a Question
Realistic Prop Kidneys made from Foam filled latex. Sold by the pair. Ask a Question
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Small human stomach prop. Ask a Question
What better way to say "I love you" then with a life sized human heart with huge veins for pumping romance inducing blood. Perfect for Valentines day AND Halloween. Ask a Question