Paranormal Portraits: Gore-Traits - Vol. 1

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after the hugely successful releases of paranormal portraits vol. 1 + vol. 2, hi-rez designs pleased to bring you "paranormal portraits: gore-traits - vol. 1". Unlike previous "paranormal portraits" editions, gore-traits is an all-new series that features truly gruesome and "gory" living portrait murders.

paranormal portraits: gore-traits - vol. 1 features a seemingly happy "husband and wife" in a picturesque moment. Suddenly the husband comes to life, takes a step back, raising a double-barreled shotgun, puts it to the back of his wife's head, and blows her brains out through the front of her face. After all, prior to the photo being taken, they had had a disagreement, and she was wrong … twice!

filmed with real actors in 2k-hd (high-definition) video, and using the best in hollywood special effects, paranormal portraits: gore-traits - vol. 1 creates a realistic illusion and imagery your guests will never forget!

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