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Perfect Storm Lighting Machine

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Perfect Storm allows your lights to flash on and off when you hear thunder on the CD supplied. Simply play the CD supplied with the unit, plug in your lights to the Perfect Storm Box and place in front of Cd Player. When thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion. Includes controller that flashes up to 1000 watts of your own lights to sound of thunder and CD with over one hour of sound effects. CD player not included.
Box Dimensions (in Inches)
Length : 14.00
Width : 12.00
Height : 4.00

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Perfect Storm Lighting Machine Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Amazing Storm

Posted by Kynan on Oct 05 2017

I tested out the perfect storm today and it blew away all my expectations. I wired up two halogen bulbs and one white incandescent bulb. The blue halogen bulbs wer slower Reacting than the incandescent which was a dazzling effect! Bright white flash followed by the blues. Halloween is going to be epic.

Great product

Posted by Unknown on Aug 28 2017

I was a little leary about this product.really

love it

Posted by Unknown on Nov 28 2015

For a little bit of money this increases scary atmosphere tenfold. thanks. At Halloween a nine year old asked me to turn it off cuz "it's creeping me out". Mission accomplished.

Works perfect

Posted by Kim on Oct 17 2015

Works perfect, easy to use and love the sounds that cone with it!! Can't wait for Halloween!