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Rest in Peace” Tombstone Halloween Decoration



Don't be content with just a graveyard scene this Halloween! Flesh out your yard with outdoor Halloween decorations to die for. From trick-or-treaters to Halloween party guests, everyone will love the way this “Rest In Peace” Tombstone really brings your Halloween decorating ideas to life. Looks like the real thing! Lightweight polystyrene tombstone with a realistic weathered-stone look. Includes 2 plastic ground stakes. Perfect for any haunted house, graveyard or tomb! 30" x 22" x 4"


Celtic Cross Tombstone Halloween Decoration


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If your Halloween ideas include a garden graveyard full of grim ambiance, this Halloween decoration is the perfect starting point! Lightweight and realistic-looking, this Celtic tombstone features a weathered-stone look, as if it's been sitting in hallowed ground for centuries. Includes 2 plastic ground stakes. Polystyrene 24" x 16" x 3"


Tombstone Silver Skull



The impressive Halloween gravestone Silver Skull convinces with a realistic elaboration and a creepy skull motive. Create an oppressive cemetery scenario and turn your party cellar into an abandoned ghost cemetery. This Styrofoam gravestone can be extended with further gravestones from our shop and looks very convincing by his realistic optics. Decorative elements and the RIP inscription create the perfect creepy atmosphere. Enhance your Halloween decoration with wall foils, decorative skeletons and artificial moss! Your guests will be thrilled.



3 Piece Tombstone Deal

SKU: 34R45T4R
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