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The eerie Music Box lullaby playing in the background sets the scene for this 36-inch Vintage Animated Doll Prop to scare you to death! Her Head Turns side to side and her Arms Move forward and back while her Mouth Moves with her spooky sayings:

Phrase One: “(Giggle) Can't find your friends? Don't try to find them - they're with me now.”

Phrase Two: “I like to watch you when you are sleeping. Don't worry, I'll stand right next to your bed.”

Phrase Three: “The man at the store said you shouldn't have brought me home. You were warned (giggle)!”

The 36-inch Vintage Animated Doll Prop has an injection-molded and blow-molded plastic frame with bendable wire arms and a fabric antique-looking costume.  On has a sensor activation, and off position has a Try-me activation. Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included.

Features: Her wide eyes stare blankly off into the distance as her head and arms move side to side
Its perfect child size height engages people while being small enough to place anywhere
Realistic curly hair and grimy stripped dress match the style of an antique doll
Music-box lullaby is heard underneath the other-worldly voice of a possessed doll

36 In Vintage Animated Doll

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