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 . These blood-curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, coworkers, or customers. This demon widow door greeter will give guests the fright of their lives with a single glance. With a touch or bump, the lady's body twists side to side while her eyes light up in red LED lights. Creepy cackling will be sure to scare off passersby from afar. Her black veil and flowers give the appearance of a grieving widow while her sinister expression and blood stained lips tell a different story. Battery operated with poseable arms, the decoration includes a hanging hook so you can display it easily on any door inside or out. Hang her on the front door to greet visitors or in your living room to complement the rest of your spooky decor. For longer prop life, we recommend indoor or sheltered outdoor use protected from inclement weather. Prepare for a jumpscare of epic proportions served up by our mischievous band of haunted animatronics. For thrills and chills so frightening that your neighbors will run shrieking in horrendous delight 


  • Hanging Animatronic: This door greeter is perfect for indoors or a covered outdoor area so you can display your animated decoration in a variety of different places
  • Touch Activated: Hang your figure on your front door or on an interior door to delight and frighten guests and trick-or-treaters when they come alive with a touch or bump
  • Lights up and Moves: This demon's body twists side to side when activated while her eyes glow in red LED lights
  • Makes Noise: Demon lady cackles menacingly to startle even your most stoic visitors
  • Battery Operated: Use 3 AA batteries (not included) to operate this figure for easy placement wherever you choose
  • 51-in. animatronic demon widow for indoor or covered outdoor display
  • Touch activated body twists side to side
  • Eyes light up in red LED lights
  • Sound effects include cackling
  • Poseable arms bend into a variety of scary positions
  • Included door hook hangs the greeter on any door you choose
  • Horrifyingly realistic facial expression
  • Battery-operated for convenient placement (3 AA batteries not included)
  • Battery box is located inside the outfit
  • 1 year warranty

4.3ft Door Hanging Creepy Bride

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