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 These blood-curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, coworkers, or customers. “Don’t you want to play?” the Demon Baby Doll asks, his eyes lighting up blue with excitement. Seeking a victim to play with, he crawls eerily from room to room, bringing creepy music and unexpected scares wherever he goes. He wriggles his hips to move in close to guests, chilling each to the bone with one flash of his cracked face. Sharp skeleton fingers extend from the sleeves of his shirt, desperate to find some entertainment. His tattered pants and spiky black hair add to his creepy look. “Come closer,” he begs. “I got a secret.” Place him on the front porch to greet visitors or in your living room to complement the rest of your spooky decor. For longer prop life, we recommend indoor or sheltered outdoor use protected from inclement weather. For thrills and chills so frightening that your neighbors will run shrieking in horrendous delight, count on Halloween decorations from Haunted Hill Farm.


  • Crawling Animatronic: This haunted doll crawls across the floor and is perfect for indoor or covered outdoor decoration so you can display your animated figure in a variety of different places
  • Touch Activated: Place your figures at your front door or along your walkway to delight and frighten trick-or-treaters when they come alive with a touch or bump
  • Lights up and Moves: This doll crawls across the floor when bumped while his eyes flash in blue LED lights
  • Phrase Spoken: Doll plays creepy music and says the phrase: Don't you want to play, come closer, I got a secret
  • Battery Operated: Use 3 AA batteries (not included) to operate this figure for easy placement wherever you choose
  • Crawler Collection from Haunted Hill Farm
  • 43. in long animatronic haunted doll for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Alfred is touch activated- crawls, eyes light up blue, plays music box melodies, talks
  • Phrase: "Hehehe...Don't you want to play? Come closer. I got a secret."
  • Haunting cracked baby-doll face
  • Long skeleton hands stretched outwards
  • Ripped pants and shaggy black hair add to sinister appearance
  • Battery-operated for convenient placement (3 AA batteries not included)
  • Character is fully assembled
  • Fabric: Burlap
  • 1-year limited warranty

41" Long Boy Groundbreaker, Crawling, Lights, sound

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