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Zombie Standing Prop

This Zombie Legend prop display sculpted by Jordu Schell is Aprox. 6 ft. 3 in. tall. This disturbingly detailed life size zombie prop display is perfect for movie and monster lovers, haunts, Halloween lovers, and more! Imagine this prop in your creepy graveyard or cemetery scene. Made of latex and foam with armature, hand made   in the USA. This highly detailed, realistic sculpt and paint job creates a creepy effect that you will be proud to display.

This zombie prop has a full head and neck but is flat backed. Clothing may vary. Includes metal stand.Bendable arms let you pose the character.  

Our Zombie Legend standing prop has been used in home haunts, haunted houses and Halloween events.  



The Monster Legend Halloween Movie Prop

Our Monster Legend prop stands an impressive 6 ½ feet tall and is crafted out of latex and foam with armature and metal base. Hand painted  , this highly detailed display prop is perfect for monster movie lovers and Halloween enthusiasts and includes bendable arms and head. decorate your home, yard, event or retail space with this classic monster prop!

The Monster Legend comes in two pieces and its upper body easily connects to the legs at the waist.  Clothing may vary.


* Prop upper body

* Prop legs

* Metal Stand

Die Ann Zombie Animated Prop

Die Ann is an all electric female zombie animated prop. This realistic life size zombie animatronic prop shakes and is a great addition to your creepy cemetery scene, yard haunt or haunted attraction. Die Ann is expertly crafted  in the USA. Distortions has been making masks, props and animatronics for over 40 years and we build it to last. Includes link to download Frightronic audio track.

We make a large variety of zombie animatronics and Halloween cemetery and tombstone props for your scary graveyard scene.

*Clothing may vary.


Spooked Scared Shaking Animatronic

Spooked is an all electric Frightronic prop. This scared shaking man is quivering in fear at the sight of something spooky! This full size standing animatronic is perfect for a variety of decorating needs including Halloween, haunts, and themed attractions. Includes link to download Frightronic audio track. * Clothing may vary.


Cody Halloween Prop

Cody is a static latex and foam zombie prop! Great for Halloween and Haunts! This life size, standing Halloween prop is made at Distortions Unlimited in the USA. 

Check out our large collection of high quality, professional, zombie and Halloween props for your haunt needs.


Roxie Standing Zombie Prop

Roxie is a static zombie prop by Distortions Unlimied. This high quality female zombie prop is creepy and gory. Perfect for haunted attractions, Halloween yard decorating, scary zombie scenes and more.  




6 Piece Zombie Deal