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 About this itemHALLOWEEN BODY PART Halloween bloody decorations includes 1 fake hand, 1 severed hand that missing one finger, 1 dismembered feet and 1 fake bloody heart. They looks very bloody, suitable for any scary scenarios REALISTIC LOOKING Halloween bloody body parts are made of soft rubber and filled by PP cotton, coated with bloody red and skin color. Those halloween severed body parts with bloody style and painted looking, featuring realistic and terror human body parts design SIMULATION SCALE Fake hand/feet/heart is realistically sized and proportioned, can be placed anywhere to scare someone. Size information: woman hand 25 x 11cm; severed hand 20 x 12cm; children feet 22 x 19cm, fake heart 18 x 10cm PERFECT HALLOWEEN PROPS Bloody Halloween decorations provide you a good choice to play joke with your friends, can be placed anywhere to scare someone, or can hang them on the wall or door, turns any room in to a horrific horror movie sceneAPPLICATION OCCASIONS Fake body parts are excellent to create a creepy atmosphere, can be used for bloody halloween decoration, haunted house decoration, stage props, magic tricks, April Fool props, can used in kitchen, bathroom, backyard, porch and other occasionsTarget gender unisex

4 Piece Bloody Body Parts Deal

SKU: AXT560498W
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