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Deluxe Zoltar®

This model features a fully animated Zoltar® (talking, eye, head, and arm movement) in our most lush and spacious cabinet style. If you have the space for our Deluxe 33” wide cabinet, we recommend this option.



Quality Details 

Zoltar’s hands and head are handcrafted and hand-painted by our artists to ensure the most realistic quality. The cabinet is made of birch veneers and is finished with black and gold trim. Zoltar® is outfitted with a luxurious gold head wrap and shirt, topped with a detailed paisley vest and jewelry. He arrives with many trinkets such as statues, incense, coins, etc. to decorate the inside of his cabinet with.

Activation Options 

The machine can be programmed to accept coins, tokens, or bills of any currency. Alternatively, the machine can be programmed with a push button for free play. Upon activation, Zoltar® begins to wave his hand over the illuminated LED ball, nod his head up and down, his mouth reacts to each syllable as he speaks your fortune, and then the machine dispenses a printed fortune.

Attract Messages

Attract messages entice passerbys to approach and play the machine. The machine comes with four attract messages. The machine can be programmed to play an attract message every two or three minutes (or more). For an extra charge, a motion sensor can be installed to trigger the attract messages.

Zoltar in Different Languages 

Zoltar audio messages are available in English, Spanish or French, free of charge. Audio messages can be created in different languages for an extra cost. Printed fortune cards are available in English, Spanish, French, Greek, and Turkish. Custom fortune cards printed in any other language are available for an extra cost.

Dimensions & Weight 

77”H x 33”W x 28”D
Approximately 295 lbs


Each Zoltar machine comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.



Deluxe Zoltar®

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