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About this item

  • Create Bloody Scenes: By smearing our fake blood on yourself, your clothes and any other places, it can be used for Halloween celebrations, haunted houses, etc.
  • Easy to Use: Just pour our fake blood washable for clothes and face into the cup, and then evenly distribute it on your skin with your fingers.
  • Easy to Clean: This washable fake blood can be easily washed off with standard soap (a little red may be left at the first time, then washed again, the red will disappear).
  • Realistic Appearance and Feeling: Our fake blood formula gushes and splashes like real blood! Perfect for fake blood makeup, cuts and even wounds! Make full use of your Halloween costumes to create a bloody scene. Perfect for: vampires, zombies, monsters, clowns and more!
  • Coagulated Blood Components: The main components of artificial plasma include water, edible pigment, cellulose and sodium. The fake blood is very safety.

6 BOTTLES Fake Blood

SKU: AXT6019
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