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Electric Gargoyle Animatronic

Very impressive Animated Gargoyle! This animatronic is ALL ELECTRIC, no compressor needed!! Our Gargoyle animatronic prop is over 7 ft. tall from the bottom of his pillar to the top of his wing tips, but is self contained and easy to move. When the wings are fully up it stands 8 ft 2 inches. Wings move up and down, programmed with the soundtrack.  Perfect for rentals, parties, store displays and haunted attractions, Halloween events, castle scenes, spooky mansions and more.

Includes controls, sound and lit eyes. Does NOT come with fog machine, but the Gargoyle has a fog tube embedded in him so that a fog machine can easily be set in place at his base, allowing the fog to travel up through the hose and out of his mouth). Foam and latex with metal armature and plate. Requires only 110V electricity.

Electric Gargoyle

- base is 36" x 30"

- the wings are approx. 2 ft off the ground when folded

- overall wingspan - approx. 9 ft


Grave Danger Halloween Animatronic Zombie

Grave Danger is a Grave Buster Zombie animatronic prop that moves up and down. This all electric Halloween animatronic zombie made of latex and foam. Includes link to download Frightronic audio track.. Clothing and costume may vary. Approx. 36" Tall.


Grave Buster Barb is a zombie animatronic perfect for Halloween and haunts. She rocks back and forth and appears to be climbing from her grave. Wonderful for your cemetery, graveyard, or zombie scene. Latex and foam with armature. Hand painted at Distortions. All electric prop.

We have a large collection of zombie animatronics and props to complete your scary scene. Crafted   in the USA.

Foam filled latex prop with heavy duty metal armature and motor. Includes 5V 5 amp Power Supply. Requires AC power. Lifesize upper torso. Costume may vary. Includes link to download Frightronic audio track.


Cracking Crypt Zombie Tombstone Animatronic

Cracking Crypt is a  zombie tombstone prop. Amazing! This gravebuster tombstone opens and closes as the zombie rises and falls. This zombie animatronic is all electric, just plug it in an it moves. Imagine our Cracking Crypt in a cemetery, graveyard, or zombie scene. Made of latex and foam with metal armature. Aprox. 36 x 24 x 12 in.  Halloween props are high quality and durable. We have a huge selection of zombie animatronics for sale to help you create your own scary Halloween cemetery scene. *Clothing may vary. Comes with an audio download link. Does not include audio player.


Gargoyle Graveyard Deal