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Standing over 6 feet tall, Jack Is Back is an ultra scary, life size, standing Halloween prop, new for the 2022 Halloween season. This pumpkin killer has been up to no good, with pumpkin guts, seeds and goop on its knife and face! An instant classic! Made of latex and foam with internal armature, this prop features bendable, posable arms and head and an LED light that makes its eyes glow. Dressed in durable coveralls over its latex and foam body this quality prop will be displayed with pride.

Jack Is Back makes an excellent, creepy center piece in your Halloween house or porch decor, or in your professional haunted house or event. Imagine it standing on your porch surrounded by jack o lanterns, in an evil pumpkin patch scene, a haunted corn maze, or all alone in a dimly lit corner. Jack Is Back is a highlight of our Halloween props 2022 line up.

We have been crafting professional quality Halloween props, animatronics and masks for over 40 years and have a variety of Halloween pumpkin decorations and props for sale on our online store.

 Height - Over 6 Feet Tall

Jack Is Back Prop

SKU: DU2937
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