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Jack Widow | Giant Halloween Spider Jack-O-Lantern Prop

Jack Widow prowls its spooky Halloween pumpkin patch, looking for a victim! This giant spider Halloween prop and jack-o-lantern hybrid is the perfect Halloween decoration for your scary pumpkin patch, Halloween porch, corn maze or haunted attraction. Its body is approx. 3 ft. long from head to tail and the span of its legs are approx. 5 ft. wide depending on how they are posed.

Jack Widow has striking detail, long bendable legs for posing and two LED lights that create an eerie glow for your pumpkin spider. The evil looking hour glass on the spiders abdomen signals BEWARE. Our giant spider Halloween pumpkin prop is hand crafted and painted / made to last. It is made of latex and foam filled with metal armature.

Jack Widows stands on the floor or a platform and its legs can be posed and positioned to create various looks. It can also be hung or mounted using the included chain in the abdomen. Imagine positioning him in a scene of pumpkins, our Pumpkin Patch Combo scene or with Halloween spider webs around it! 



 Size - The span of the legs is approx. 5 ft. wide depending on how they are positioned. Approx. 3 ft. long from head to tail. When disassembled it ships in a box size 36 in. x 16 in. x 16 in.

Weight - Approx. 22 pounds

Materials - Foam filled latex skin with metal armature

Includes - Jack Widow body, Two sets of 4 spider legs that bolt on the body, Two LED lights, Bolts 

Easy assembly - Leg sets must be bolted on the body (bolts included)

* Metal stand that Jack Widow is hanging on in the in the photos NOT included. Using the chain attached to the back of its abdomen you can hang it in a variety of ways. In addition to hanging Jack Widow can also support itself on the floor in a "crawling" pose.



Jack Widow | Giant Halloween Spider Jack-O-Lantern Prop

SKU: HP2936
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