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The jumping drum mechanism mounts inside a metal 55 gallon Drum. Installation is as simple as drilling 8 holes. Lifts the entire drum up resulting in a loud bang once dropped! Perfect startle scare that works every time! Reinforced frame and finished with end frame caps. Comes ready to run with all necessary mounting hardware. Requires 110V (household outlet) and 30-80 PSI. Included: Steel mechanism, Mounting hardware, Pneumatic components, and 12V Power adapter. . *PLEASE ALLOW 3 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION TIME*

*To self automate this mechanism, we recommend the use of a prop controller. A prop controller is basically a mini computer that will tell the valve to activate once someone walks past the motion sensor.   Without the use of a controller, the mechanism will lift the barrel once you manually plug the power adapter into an outlet. To get the desired effect in the video, a prop controller is a must*

 Only-Mechanism with Controller and Motion Sensor



Image of Jumping Drum Mechanism

  • Image of Jumping Drum Mechanism
  • Image of Jumping Drum Mechanism


Jumping Drum Mechanism

SKU: 3898
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