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Bad Boy Prop is a creepy bloody little boy made of latex and foam, hand painted. It will give you the shivers! Clothing may vary. Includes base stand.


Scary Carrie is a Possessed girl prop. She needs an exorcism! She is made of latex and foam, and is flat backed so you can lay her on the floor or hang her on the wall or ceiling. She would be an excellent addition to your Halloween decorating, Home Haunt, retail store, or themed attraction.


Grisly Girl is a scary bloody little girl prop by Distortions. Comes with metal base stand. Clothing may vary. Great for Halloween, haunts, decorating and more.


Dead Dawn is a creepy zombie girl standing prop by Distortions. Made of latex, armature, and foam filled. Careful she bites! Comes with metal base stand.


Billy Bite is a wonderfully creepy and fun puppet, for use in haunted houses, attractions, or as part of a Halloween costume.  . Just stick your hand in the back of this flat backed puppet prop and bring Billy to life, making him say anything you want! A fake hand on the top makes it appear that you are holding this creepy zombie kid by the hair, as he struggles to get free and bite. Let your creativity run wild as you entertain your guests...and yourself, with this frightfully fun puppet prop. Approx. 40 inches long. Made of latex and foam filled, this puppet is flat backed. Expertly hand painted  . Clothing may vary. Includes cavity in body to mount a personal PA system. * Personal PA NOT included with Billy Bite and must be purchased separately (They can be bought online through a variety of vendors.) *Clothing and costuming may vary.


Kids Horror Deal

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