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Leaning Torso Motorized Mechanism


Plug and Play Kit! Kit is designed to attach you own prop to the PVC Body Frame to make it seem like it sticking half out of the ground at waist leve. Or can be mounted in a window opening and have a character move around (where the lower half can't be seen)! Designed to be used as a front to back *OR* side to side rocking motion (Can be used in either direction just by how you mount the PVC body) Uses two grease bearings for low noise and longevity! Includes: Premounted Motor, Speed Controller, Power Supply. *For outdoor use, power supply and speed controller must be in a container to keep dry from weather elements* *PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION TIME*



Image of Leaning Torso Motorized Mechanism


Leaning Torso Motorized Mechanism

SKU: 6701
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