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Perfect Storm is a sound-activated device that allows you tocontrol the on and off flashing of lights when the thundersound from the CD supplied is played. This makes for greatthunderstorm effects for your haunted house or homehaunt/Halloween party. Simply play the CD provided with theunit with your lights plugged into the back of the PerfectStorm Box (which can be plugged into any 15 amp. 120 voltoutlet). Please note that total lights used should notexceed 1000 watts of power or a reset fuse in the back ofthe unti will trip. If this happens, reduce lights used andhit reset button on back of unit. Besides using CD, you canalso place whatever sound effect you wish into your tapeplayer, MP3 player, smart phone etc and either place one ofyour stereo speakers near or in front of the Perfect Stormunit or connect the player audio line out (the proper jackcable may be needed, and is not included) to the PerfectStorm audio input jack. Using either of these two ways, whenthunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion.Includes CD with over one hour of sound effects, CD playernot included. Power input 120v/60 hz. Uses type 15A fuse. ACjack and audio jack. Round sensor knob on front of unit isadjustable to make lights flash to your liking. The PerfectStorm will work with a variety of different types of lightsin including both incandescent and LED. (Not recommended forflourescent lights). For indoor use only. User instructionsincluded.


Perfect Storm Thunder and Lightning Machine

SKU: VA621
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