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If you're looking for a blood that will dry completely but still look fresh and wet, look no further. Perma-Blood is the Haunt industry's best blood paint. It dries tack-free and waterproof on most surfaces, so you can use it on walls, props, costumes - anything that you want to remain permanently bloody. Even trips through the washing machine won't clean the look of fresh blood off your clothes. Available in 8 oz, 32 oz or gallon sizes. Product dimensions: 8 oz bottle (6" x 2" x 2"), 32 oz bottle (9" x 3" x 3") or gallon bottle (12" x 6" x 6").


Liquid or uncured Perma blood can be diluted with water, and uncured perma blood can be washed up with water, or mild soap and water if necessary. Perma blood is intended to be permanent, so once it is cured it is not easily washed away, and what method you would try to wash it with depends greatly on what surface it is on. Acetone should work on the blood, but damages most foams, rubbers, and fabrics and any solvent is going to create a flow of red dye that may seep into absorbent or porous materials. Usually if we try to avoid cleaning up cured perma blood here, but if I must I usually peel up whatever peels with ease, and paint over whatever doesn't





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