Official Ghost Face mask and knife, attached to a header card.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
The Scream movie series and its' costumed villain are now horror icons and this costume will send all those familiar tingles of fear down your victim's back when they see you in it. The familiar mask and robe are here, as seen in Scream 4! Hooded robe...
Slice and Dice. This face has a white face with black cloth hood attached. Seen in The movie Scream.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 14.00Width : 12.00Height : 4.00
Simply squeeze the heart shaped pump, and the self-contained ''Blood'' flows under the mask's clear outer shell. Blood Recycles back for continuous bleeding action.Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 19.00Width : 13.00Height : 4.00
SCREAM! MTV'S latest TV series. This is a plastic authentic licensed mask. Add a black robe to complete the look!Box Dimensions (in Inches)Length : 16.00Width : 13.00Height : 3.00