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Goreliath Actor Animatronic

huge, 8ft. Creature growls threateningly as he trys to break free with head and mouth movement. Suddenly his head is ripped off as the creature screams ... The headless body then rushes forward for the scare! Requires actor and includes elaborate costume...

Butcher Table Illusion Prop

A proven attention getter. This piece will shock and confound your guests. This powerful illusion is comfortable, durable and easythe actors body is right under the table top - they lay in a special, curved and padded metal 'bed' which is hidden from...
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Monster Morph Illusion Prop

This amazing illusion is made ruggedly strong and extremely easy to use. As guests look into the opening a normal looking person changes before their eyes (in 3-d) into any monster of your choosing. As bewildered onlookers ponder what they are...
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Squish-O-Matic Haunted Illusion

This amazing effect will leave your guests bewildered as to what just happened. Pile driver shoots toward actor and appears to splatter their head. Heavy metal construction. Fabric walls are optional. Approx. 5 ft. X ft. X 6 1/2 ft. Tall. Includes...
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