Sky Effects: Volume 1

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"sky effects: volume 1" dvd is the perfect "scene setter" product for your home or professional halloween haunt this season. Using a standard lcd projector or lcd monitor / tv, you can create stunning environments / atmospheres that would be absolutely impossible ... Until now!

many haunters overlook the "basics" of setting a specific mood or atmosphere of their haunt to make it complete, especially for "indoor" haunts. What better way to set the mood that a bright moon, slowly creeping across the nights sky? Or a heavy storm thundering overhead? And what true halloween haunt would not be complete without bats shooting past the moon?

each video is at least 5-6 minutes or more of original imagery, and uses our "seamless" looping technology to loop all night long perfectly. "sky effects: volume 1" is jam packed with "5" different full-motion video of continuos and seamless looping night sky scenes. All videos were mastered in true [hd] high-definition (1920x1080) for absolutely the best picture quality. This ntsc dvd has all the video in both 16x9 widescreen format and also includes all the videos in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation if you want to simply play the videos in a vertically mounted lcd monitor / tv to appear as a large "window".

don't let this halloween season pass you by without "sky effects: volume 1".

dvd features / product specifications:
• contains 5 different sky effects videos
• ultra-realistic atmosphere / scene setter
• hollywood-quality special visual effects
• normal, cw, & ccw rotation
• 16x9 widescreen format
• progressive scan playback
• digital stereo soundtrack
• seamless looping technology
• optimized for lcd monitors & projectors
• created & mastered in high-definition
• ntsc dvd format only

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