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SLEEPING GIANT Halloween Animatronic Prop

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This is the product to attract the media and promote your company (a marketing and promotions ballistic missile). This enormous product will steal the show wherever he goes. Sitting down, he's approximately 7 foot. Standing up, he's approximately 11 ft 6 inches tall!Detailed DescriptionWhen sleeping, he snores, his mouth moves, and his stomach goes in and out. When a customer walks on the first pressure pad, he farts loudly and smoke comes out. When the second pad is stepped on, he awakens, screaming loudly, his eyes open and he quickly stands up! The giant goes from funny to terrifying in an instant! Engineered to be brutally strong and low maintenance. Unit is supplied with a powerful amp and speaker, three cassette players, snore, fart, scream tapes, wiring, fog machine, two pressure pads and chair. Requires standard A/C power and a 100 psi air compressor. Allow an 8ft x 8ft area for set-up and use barricades to keep people from getting too close. Also, an 11ft 6ft ceiling height is required. Clothing colors will vary. Inquire about customizing your giant! Giant can be made to accommodate smaller ceilings. Ships freight. PLEASE CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE78 X 74 X 100

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